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Elephant Walk

1) name, age, location: Olivia, 15, SanDiego CA 
2) status: single
3) 7 bands: The Faint, The Arcade Fire, Belle and Sebastian, Devendra Banhart, Hot Hot Heat, Mates of State, annd The Unicorns
4) 5 movies: The Royal Tennenbaums, The Good Girl, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Harold and Maude, Edward Sissorhands
5) 3 books: The Secret Life of Bees, Like Water for Chocolate, and Gossip Girls
6) something interesting about myself: I have the weirdest sleeping patterns of anyone I know. Im obsessed with Crunch Berries, grilled cheesem and otter pops. My favorite thing to do is laugh and I have a great sense of humor. My best friend is gay and I love swings.
7) opinion of mods: Although I don't know them yet I think they are cuties. 
8) 5+ pictures:

9) 100x100:

10) funny picture:

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i liked you and you're pretty :)
yahhh =)
+hot hot heat
+ you're cute.
i like your bands
and some of the pictures. & my bf is gay too.
your cute, your music, and you like swingz.
Almost a yes, but caught Bloc Party at the last second.